Jane Duncan for President of RIBA 2015-17

Why Me?

My aim as President will be to achieve significant improvements for our profession.

I have run a small/medium sized practice in Buckinghamshire for 21 years, through good times and two major recessions. It has been a challenge to cope with the increasing legislative load, and growing client expectations despite dwindling fees.

As we climb out of recession we must grasp the opportunity to improve the working lives of all architects. This is a call to action.

I have been successful in various supporting roles at the RIBA, and now have the insight and desire to put that experience to work for all members. I can hit the ground running in leading the organisation, but need your backing to make real changes.

I have a proven track record, support from large and small practices throughout the regions, the drive, energy, skills and vitally the inside knowledge to know how to tackle the key issues and to succeed

I am the right candidate to make a real difference to our profession, and I need your support

Manifesto Pledges

What I will do for you:

Pride Restore pride in being an Architect and in the creative and influential work we do
Pride Drive up fees through campaigning for payment appropriate to skills and experience
Pride Improve diversity in the profession to ensure our long term financial success and sustainability

Why I stand

Many improvements are needed. One presidency cannot achieve them all, and a smooth succession is vital, so I pledge both to launch new initiatives and also continue my predecessors’ good work.

I will work:

To restore the influence, respect and reputation of the architect's role within the wider industry, empowering successful collaborative team work and enabling all sizes of practices to flourish.

To widen access and increase support for members through the Institute, regions and branches, providing networks, guidance and tools for new or established practitioners, and for members who wish to work abroad.

To improve enhanced and transparent communications between the Institute, members, other architecture centres here and internationally, construction professionals and policy makers.

To facilitate and encourage international links, with emphasis on support for International chapters, to stimulate a global network allowing members to benefit from the growing work opportunities world wide.

To drive up flexible education opportunities offering relevant, affordable, and accessible routes into and through the profession. This requires guidance to increase practice mentoring and forging links between practice and academia to support students.

To power the RIBA to become the cultural home of architectural knowledge by sharing information and encouraging research, innovation and debate throughout the industry, and improving access to our collections and library.

I am the right candidate to make a real difference to our profession, and I need your support

I am proud to be an architect, of the unique creative skills developed through many years of training, and the professionalism I offer my team, clients and collaborators every day. I aim to achieve

Pride in Who We Are Architects need to regain confidence and be proud of the unique creativity and innovation that architects bring to their projects. Great design is only one part of what we offer. I will spearhead a major media campaign to publicise the benefits and value of our wide ranging services to clients, our industry, communities, governments and environment

Pride in How We Work We should celebrate the everyday skills which create successful outcomes for our clients, not just the physical results of the great service offered working project architects from all sizes of practice. I propose to establish project architect of the year award

Pride in Membership The Institute must be reformed for it’s members to influence and own, and by so doing we will discover the power of pride in our collective potential.

I believe that architects should not be subsumed into the wider construction industry as secondary design managers. Architecture is on the public agenda; architects visible in the media; the Institute successfully influences government, and RIBA chartered members are globally acknowledged and welcomed.

We must build on these strengths to create a vibrant and relevant future for our profession.

I need your vote to help this to happen

Architects need the right environment in which their architecture can flourish, but also to earn a good living, if they are to be confident and successful.

What do we need? Fees appropriate to our skills, experience, quality of service and achievement of client expectations.

Why do we need appropriate fees? To retain mutual respect and trust amongst all members of the collaborative project team including clients.

How will I DO this? I will seek a new fee structure, based on the value of the services and outcomes that our clients require rather than construction costs or chronological work programmes.

The Institute will roll out enhanced online and local training to include effective business language tools, briefing & negotiation skills and toolkits for members, and data to show clients the benefits accrued from an appropriately recompensed quality of service.

Divisive procurement methods that drive down fees, expecting us to proffer our intellectual property for nothing are not acceptable. The results are a long hours and low pay culture, loss of quality and reduction of trust.

Competition for all projects must be based on quality of skills sought for specific outcomes, and not lowest cost.

I need your vote to help this to happen

I aim to improve the accessibility, equality and diversity of the profession to ensure our long term relevance and sustainability.

I propose to investigate the evidential data to see whether diverse flexible and people based practices are more innovative, better places to work and make more money. This will allow every practice to reap the benefits.

What benefits? Tangible business profits, improved status and respect, increasing influence and reach of the profession, and promotion potential in a global market.

What are the issues? 94% of UK chartered architects are white (up from 81% in 2001) and only 17% are women; we are becoming narrower, whiter, more male and more elite. We are also working longer hours, being less flexible and failing to empower staff who want a reasonable work life balance.

Who is affected? Students, starter practices, architects planning a career break or change, those in management, planning for succession or retirement. .

What can I do? I will work to improve our profession by researching and disseminating global best practice and taking a stand within the industry.

Diversity promotion is not charity work, it encourages excellent employment practice and creates successful businesses.

I need your vote to help this to happen

About me

headshot of Jane Duncan

My RIBA Achievements

I have been Chair of the Small Practice Committee, plus 6 years on Council and the Board as a trustee and Vice President Practice and Profession 2007 to 2013. I am the RIBA Equality and Diversity Champion from 2013

Small practice support
10 years of Guerrilla Tactics conferences on small practice business skills. Toolkits for members dealing with recession, fees, and setting up in practice

Large Practice Support
Set up Large Practice Group wide range of seminars including ‘What Buildings Cost’ cross industry conference and the Future Leaders training Programmes.

Equality and Diversity
Architects for Change, the RIBA’s equality & diversity group was brought into the mainstream and established the role of RIBA Equality & Diversity Champion

New Groups Established

  • Construction Strategy Group to collaborate with industry partners
  • Regulations & Standards Group to ensure RIBA’s input to new regulations
  • Competitions Review task group set up in 2013
  • RIBA for Clients Group set up in 2013
  • Procurement Strategy Group for Angela Brady’s presidential initiative

‘Letters from the Front Line’ emailed out directly to members on current issues to elicit views and seek evidence on key current policy matters On my watch many changes have been made to improve the working lives of all members.


QE Girls Grammar School Barnet. First girl there to study architecture. Studied and qualified at The Bartlett, UCL.

Work Experience
Year out: 6 months as site engineer for G E Wallis in year out learning how to swear at architects, and 6 months with J S Bonnington St Albans. After part 2 a year in medium sized practice in Edinburgh, learning to drink nippy sweeties.

A year at Halcrow, elected by 4000 architects worldwide (at 23) as their rep on in-house union, and then a year with a one man band to pass Part 3 and set up in practice about five minutes later.

Practiced in Grantham, Leicestershire, West London and Amersham. Jane Duncan Architects opened in 1992 in Amersham, now a practice of 17.

Personal stuff

Married Ian after Dip year and moved to Edinburgh; lived in a tenement flat adjacent to brewery where Ian learned to organise a good ‘piss-up’. Moved to Amersham with two very young kids in the nineties. Ian became practice manager and company secretary five years ago

Chaired local revitalisation groups for 15 years, and spearhead an ongoing Vision for Amersham. I give careers advice to the local schools, and mentor pupils applying for architecture schools

Built a Hempcrete eco house for the family five years ago (finalist Grand Design Awards) a great party house

Best bits

Acted in theatre groups all m y life, then wrote and directed pantomimes at college, for parents of PTA to raise money for kids school, and more recently to raise money for local charities.

Real love in life (apart from family, parties and architecture) is dancing; was introduced to salsa 12 years ago - hooked ever since – opened and ran local salsa club for many years.


Angela Brady PPRIBA 2011-13
“Jane is a multi talented architect, business woman and a great communicator. Her work as Vice President leading the Practice team was excellent, spearheading great initiatives like 'Guerrilla Tactics' was much needed and aimed at SME's. Jane has immense energy and a passion for architecture which benefits all architects and associated professions and the RIBA. I believe she will make an excellent RIBA president, bringing her experience as a practitioner and her big personality to the job to make the difference needed.”

Ruth Reed PPRIBA 2009-11
“Jane was Vice-President Practice during my term as President of the RIBA. Her motivation, drive and ability to deliver in the complex environment of a membership organisation with competing membership, executive and external agendas was un-matched as she demonstrated great leadership ability with a great sense of fun. Her extensive knowledge of the industry combined with her advocacy skills would make her an ideal President to represent the profession as it drives forward out of the recession.”

Sunand Prasad PPRIBA 2007-9
“Jane is a highly effective leader, who inspires great loyalty and affection amongst her colleagues. While taking a level headed and strategic view of matters, she is also an innovator. Through 'Guerrilla Tactics’ she focused the RIBA on the needs of sole practitioners and small companies and helped them perform better, and has successfully steered one of the largest and most complex areas of the Institute's operations. Her own practice designs exemplary buildings tailored to its clients and delivered with assurance. I am very happy to recommend Jane strongly.”

Jack Pringle PPRIBA 2005-7; Chair of CIC
“Go Jane. We need some guerrilla tactics at the head of RIBA.”

George Fergusson PPRIBA 2003-5; Mayor of Bristol
“Jane Duncan is a great communicator and has done a huge amount to represent and raise the standard of architectural practice over many years. As RIBA President I know that she will serve us well and beat the drum for education and the promotion of the profession. ”

Simon Allford AHMM
“Jane Duncan brings energy and intelligence to architecture, both in her practice and her work at the RIBA. I am delighted that she is prepared to commit more time and resource to the RIBA and wish her well in her campaign for president.”

Cany Ash Ash Sakula
“Jane is the right person now to attack complacency and open up opportunities for the future of the profession. She is an insider, having worked hard within the RIBA for many years, who will hit the ground running. Happily at the same time she has the critical perspective of the outsider, who knows the RIBA has to champion real design and make it pay. She knows unless that happens only the privileged will be able to continue to practice.”

Stephen Bardsley Associate, Buller Welsh
“I was fortunate to be offered a Part I placement at Jane Duncan Architects in 1996 and returning after Part II was able to benefit from the mentoring of an inspiring, charismatic and well respected professional that instilled in me a confidence and pride for integrity. Jane is, and has always been, passionately committed and dedicated to every cause she connects with, is able to enthuse others with ease, and I am sure would make an excellent RIBA president.”

Dagmar Binstead RIBA Council
“Jane Duncan stands out as one of the most competent and knowledgeable members the RIBA has the fortune to draw on for support. There is not much she does not know about the workings of the RIBA, making her the best candidate to lead the Institute in a time when changes are vital to ensure the survival of the profession”

Chris Bryant Almanac; Chair RIBA Small Practice Group
“Jane understands the importance of looking forward and being pro-active in tackling issues. Her list of achievements is testament to someone who knows how to make things happen. Coupled with a deep understanding of the profession and its potential she is an ideal candidate for this role. She understands the needs of small and young practices and recognises the diversity and innovation that they bring. I support Jane in her bid to become the next president of the RIBA”

Peter Caplehorn Technical Director Scott Brownrig; Chair RIBA Regulations & Standards Group
“I have worked with Jane extensively on RIBA and industry matters and she has been fully engaged clear in thought and able to bring to bear a considerable level of diplomatic and negotiation skill. She is a credit to the Architectural profession and the RIBA. The Institute needs her leadership, logic, authority and perspective in these difficult times.”

Elspeth Clements RIBA Council
“I met Jane Duncan at an early small practice conference and persuaded her, much against her will, to join the small practice committee. The rest is history. She has a fine record of serving the profession, in particular through the Guerrilla Tactics conference. This illustrates that she is someone who is able to make things happen, and as such would make a most effective president.”

Caroline Cole Director, Colander Associates Ltd
“t is heartening to know that Jane Duncan is championing diversity and equality in her quest to become the next President of the RIBA. This really is one of the key issues for the profession and, if anyone can make a difference it's Jane, with her dogged determination and practical approach to problem solving. I wish her well with this hugely important issue.”

Stephen Davy
“I have no hesitation in endorsing Jane as RIBA President. Working with Jane it was clear that she cares passionately about architecture and architects, striving to strengthen our position in a changing industry and ensuring we are rewarded appropriately for the commitment and service we provide.”

Marianne Davys Sole Practitioner
“I am sure that Jane will work tirelessly as RIBA president for the good of the profession, large and small practices and future generations of Architects and will reach out to the public, the press, schools of architecture and government departments to ensure that the RIBA supports and represents the interests of its members, promotes their work and communicates well with the public.”

Clare Devine Director of Architecture & the Built Environment CABE
“Jane has made a long standing, recognised, commitment to promoting the profession. I welcome her presidential candidacy and pledge to foster diversity and inclusion in architecture.”

Jake Edgley Edgley Design
“Jane pretty much is the RIBA, particularly from the viewpoint of the small practice. She has been promoting and championing small practices through the conference and as vice president. Jane understands the issues and challenges facing the profession, gets things done in a very amiable way - all the qualities we need in the next president. I wish her good luck in the job as I’m sure she will be elected!”

Valerie Evans Director Atkins
“Thrilled to see that Jane is throwing her hat in the ring as, who better to “get things done” with her enthusiasm, drive and tenacity... all with sense of fun! Delighted to see that diversity is high on her agenda as there is still much to do to attract and retain women in our profession”

Jonathan Falkingham Shed KM
“As a trustee of the RIBA I have worked alongside Jane for the past few years and believe her to have the skills, experience and most importantly the motivation and integrity to represent the RIBA as President.”

David Falla ACE IUA
“Jane has and continues to be a powerhouse at the RIBA with a deep understanding of the importance of the Institute and how the interaction of the membership and Institute can benefit each other. Jane has translated this insight into effective action over many years and would make an excellent President.”

Mark and Antoinette Folkes Folkes Architects
“We worked for Jane Duncan early on in our career as young architects and she has been an inspiration ever since. Jane has always been a champion for Architects and life in general. One of my earliest memories when discussing the practice was that “architecture should be for everyone”, something that I will never forget.”

Bob Franklin Franklin & Ablett Ltd; Conservation Group and Council
“Working with Jane on PPC was an object lesson in dealing decisively with immensely long and complex agendas, with irrefutable and succinct clarity in summing up. We can expect the same as President; no bull, no buckling to pressure and the promise of beginning the profoundly important and much needed return to Institute democracy.”

Professor Murray Fraser UCL
“Jane Duncan would be an excellent choice for RIBA President. She is broad-minded, energetic and deeply committed to the cause, as well as being a great champion of the important role of research and innovation within a learned institution.”

Dieter Gockmann EPR Architects
“Jane is a tireless and passionate advocate for a more inclusive profession. I have been very impressed by her commitment to promoting diversity in architecture and her active engagement supporting those who are campaigning for change across the industry. I have seen first-hand Jane's tenacity, enthusiasm and positivity and I believe these qualities make her an ideal candidate for RIBA President.”

Eric Guibert Sens
“I am delighted that Jane Duncan is running for the RIBA Presidency. As Vice President of Practice, she has been key in supporting the smaller practices at the RIBA - the success of the Guerrilla Tactics Conferences being the most visible result. Her contagious enthusiasm & energy, pragmatism and her capacity to listen to diverse view points are qualities that make her an ideal candidate for the presidency.”

Del Hossain Adrem Recruitment
“Jane is an amazing, multi tasking, cool headed leader. She manages to run a thriving practice, but also finds time to be charming and assertive in her role chairing several committees, directing other practice leaders to progress the reputation and reach of the architectural profession. She is talented entrepreneur and most importantly an old fashioned ‘doer . She would be a marvellous future president for the Institute.”

Tzena James
“I have known Jane for many years and admired her wholehearted commitment & contribution in the work of the RIBA on many levels. She has enormous energy and knowledge. Jane is championing an ethical, equal and diverse transformation of the profession. Jane is most suitable for RIBA President in the 21st Century.”

Martin Knight Martin Knight
“Jane has devoted so much time and energy already to the cause of the architecture profession it is scarcely possible to believe she has more to give! She is a tireless advocate for small practices and a champion for equality and opportunity for architects, and I am very pleased to support her campaign to be RIBA President.”

David Levitt
“Observing Jane combine the skills of a good listener with a strong personality, leading , cajoling and grasping the complexities and disparate interests of a large Practice and Profession committee , is truly impressive. In the role of RIBA president I feel sure that Jane would use all her formidable powers of persuasion to represent the membership and promote the role of the architect in eyes of the outside world.”

Sebastian Macmillan University of Cambridge
“Architecture is a diverse profession. Some of its high profile members are household names, while others follow a more deliberately commercial path. But the vast majority, responsible for the everyday built environment where most of us live, work and play, are unsung heroes working diligently with clients and the construction industry and using their creative and visionary skills to build a better future for society Jane Duncan has proved herself the great champion for this last group. She has been highly effective in gaining RIBA support for them through her extensive committee work, and the drive, the expertise and the experience to make an excellent President for the RIBA.”

Alistair McIntyre Lune Architects
“Jane Duncan is an exceptional architect; I don’t know anyone more dedicated to the dual roles of running a practice, supporting RIBA members and furthering the role of architecture. I met Jane when she chaired the RIBA small practice group and found her a terrific influence. If elected, I hope she is, Jane would be an excellent President.”

Walter Menteth
“I worked with Jane for 4 years when she was VP Practice. She is always well briefed and invariably constructive and progressive; a good listener, and a clear incisive communicator. She is extremely dedicated, decisive and driven, and working with her has always been a real creative pleasure, I take my hat off to her. Jane sponsored, supported and sustained the RIBA’s procurement work in which I was engaged ensuring what was delivered represent all members interests.”

Peter Murray Chairman NLA
“Jane is an excellent choice for RIBA President who has a key role in communicating the role and benefits of architects and architecture. Jane is an excellent communicator with a down to earth approach that will help enhance the profession’s image to the wider world.”

Virginia Newman Practice Director KSR Architects, Chair Chartered Practice Group
“I have been privileged to sit on the RIBA’s complex and all-important Practice and Profession Committee which Jane chaired, and am delighted that she has agreed to stand for President. Jane’s dynamism, knowledge and perspicacity are matched by her tact and humour, and this combination will make her an excellent President.”

Manuel Nogueira AND Architects
“Jane has been key to many of the initiatives and projects implemented by theInstitute. She has always lead with good humour, enthusiasm and inspiration to create ideas and projects which are followed through and delivered. Jane has a great understanding of the Institute, determination and passion for improving how the RIBA engages not only with its clients and rest of society but more importantly its members.”

Peter Oborn Easter & Oriental Property Ltd; Chair RIBA International Committee
“I simply cannot think of anyone who combines the breadth of knowledge and experience that Jane offers as a candidate, nor anyone who can be relied upon to promote the profession as vigorously.”

Femi Oresanya Vice President at HOK
“I am very pleased that Jane is standing for President of the RIBA. Her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to promoting architects and architecture to all sectors of society is admirable and commendable. As RIBA’s Equality and Diversity Champion, Jane has begun to address inequalities in the profession and the wider construction industry. I’m sure that if elected, she will make a great President”

Nigel Ostime Whiteroom Architecture
“I was delighted that Jane decided to stand for President and wholeheartedly support her in this endeavour. I know of no one else who has devoted as much time to our Institute, played such a Key role in initiatives that have genuinely made a difference to practitioners - particularly small practices – and who has brought such enormous energy in encouraging greater diversity in the profession.”

David Partridge Argent
“I cannot think of anyone better than Jane, to personify the hard work and imagination required of the general architectural practitioner. She has been unstinting in her devotion to her own practice and to the RIBA, and her good sense and ability to make things happen would be hugely valuable as President.”

Vinesh Pomal Levitt Bernstein
“I am thrilled that Jane has put herself forward to become the next RIBA President. As Equality and Diversity Champion she has been pivotal in ensuring our profession is accessible to all. As a young architect, Jane's proactive approach and energy to make things happen continues to inspire me. The fact she runs a small practice, was Vice President and understands the needs of all the RIBA members makes her a true asset to lead our profession.”

Ian Pritchard Secretary General ACE
“Jane enjoyed a series of outstanding terms as RIBAVP Practice. It is a notoriously difficult area to manage, reconciling the very different interests of the many specialist areas of practice. Jane's particular skill lies in brokering agreement among divergent viewpoints and making everyone feel that their contribution counts.”

Heinz Richardson Director Jestico & Whiles
“Jane has a passion, enthusiasm and energy for Architecture which is infectious. She combines a commitment to design excellence, promotion of the profession and the issues affecting us all with admirable ease. She would make an excellent president and I am delighted to support her.”

Wiebke Rietz
“Competent and confident and never afraid to speak out for the common or garden architect, i.e. us!”

Dickon Robinson
“Jane has made already made a huge investment of her time and energy in the RIBA. She really understands how the organisation works, and coupled with her successful architectural career she is ideally equipped to provide the dynamic leadership the profession needs”

Karen Rogers BAA
“Jane will be a fantastic RIBA president based on the tenacious approach she has brought to small practice and then to Practice! I believe this is also the word she used to endorse herself on her website, some might call it guerrilla tactics!”

Andrew Salter Acanthus Claws
“During the last 6 years, in my roles both as a fellow VP and latterly as RIBA Hon Sec, I have seen first hand Jane's enthusiastic commitment to the betterment of the architect practitioner and to her passion for a fairer playing field for all who take up our profession no matter their gender or background. She deserves our support.”

Richard Saxon Client Adviser
“Jane Duncan has been a powerhouse at RIBA for over a decade, and as Practice and Profession Vice President handling the widest of portfolios. She set up the large practice group too and covers all the interests of architects with understanding. Jane is a great listener, unifier and advocate. She will be the right President for these challenging times.”

Alan Shingler Head of Sustainability at Sheppard Robson; Chair RIBA Sustainable Futures Group
“Jane has unquestionable passion & locality to the RIBA & its members, & given the opportunity will do everything in her power to achieve change in the interest of the profession”

Jane Simpson
“I have known Jane Duncan for years through her work for the RIBA, particularly, in the area of diversity and inclusion. She is feisty, dedicated, principled and hard working, always a pleasure to collaborate with. I am I confident that her knowledge of the RIBA, her expertise and skills will make her an exceptional president.”

Dale Sinclair Director at Dyer; VP Practice and Profession
“I was privileged to be a member of the Practice and Profession committee under Jane’s thoughtful and insightful leadership and I am delighted that she is standing for the next RIBA President. Jane’s drive and commitment to effectively move forward our profession are clearly underlined when you examine the breath and quality of the committee’s outcomes in recent years”

Professor Kevin Singh Head of Birmingham School of Architecture
“As an academic but also as a practitioner I am drawn to Jane’s candidacy for two key reasons. Firstly, Jane Duncan is an Architect’s Architect as having run a successful practice for 21 years (outside of London I might add) she appreciates what it takes to survive and prosper in an ever-changing professional environment. Secondly, her work to date at RIBA as Vice President of Practice and Profession, and currently Equality and Diversity Champion, she will be able to hit the ground running without the need to “get to know” the Institute. Never afraid to speak her mind I’m sure she will balance both the needs of the Institute and the members who make up that Institute.”

Sumita Sinha
“Smooth as salsa, bubbly as finest champagne, sharp as a razor- here's to Jane!”

James Soane & Christopher Ash Project Orange Architects
“Jane is a brilliant and charismatic architect who has a strong grasp of the tensions and opportunities within the profession. She would no doubt make an excellent RIBA president and I hope you will support her.”

David Stanford Director 3DReid Ltd
“I have known Jane both personally and through working together for 20+ years. She is dynamic, full of energy and ideas, and completely committed to the profession, as testified by her sterling work on a variety of different RIBA Committees over many years. I have no hesitation in endorsing her as a suitable candidate for the presidency – she will fight for architects and architecture in all areas of the profession.”

Peter Stewart
“Jane Duncan has done a great deal for the RIBA already and I have no doubt that she would make an excellent President, and a great ambassador for our profession.”

George Stowell RIBA Client Adviser
“Working for Jane as VP Practice was always enlightening and enjoyable by her grasp of important membership, industry wide and practice related topics at the drop of a hat, her sense of timing and ability to see the bigger picture and details at the same time. I have nothing but admiration for the way Jane works to improve architectural practice for the clients and users that architects serve.”

Pierre Wassenaar Divisional Director at Stride Treglown, Wales
“Jane is quite simply one of the most dynamic and inspiring people I have ever worked with. No-nonsense, but enormously passionate and persuasive, she is exactly the kind of driving force British architecture needs.”

Supporters List

RIBA Chartered Architects

Angela Brady PPRIBA Ruth Reed PPRIBA Sunand Prasad PPRIBA Jack Pringle PPRIBA George Fergusson PPRIBA Simon Allford Mujib Ahsan Ali Abras Ayad al Tuhafi David Addison Sean Alberqueque Cany Ash Christopher Ashe George Baxter Debbie Bentley (Intl) Dagmar Binsted Bruce Calton Christopher Bryant Peter Caplehorn Simon Child Ewan Clark Elspeth Clements Ian Collins Jonathan Coombs Derek Cottrell Jonathan Dale Aida Danon-Bavcic Ian Davies Stephen Davy Marianne Davys Richard Doe Jake Edgley Jonathan Ellis Miller Valerie Evans Jonathan Falkingham David Falla James Fischer (Intl.) Antoinette & Mark Folkes Bob Franklin Murray Fraser Dieter Gockmann Brian Godfrey P Grant Eric Guibert Stephen Herbert John Hickey Del Hossain Kay Hyde Peter Jackson Tzena James Tom Jacques Indy Johar Alan Jones Mark Kemp Martin Knight Jerry Lander Ian Leighton David Levitt Michael Lewis Tony Lloyd Anne Machin Morounkeji Majekodunmi James McCosh Alistair McIntyre Sebastian Macmillan Walter Menteth Shahriar Nasser James Newman Virginia Newman Manuel Nogueira Peter Oborn George Oldham Femi Oresanya Nigel Ostime Richard Parnaby David Partridge Vinesh Pomal Patrick Redmond Ian Reed Wiebke Reitz Heinz Richardson Dickon Robinson Karen Rogers Andrew Salter Richard Saxon Rosaria Scirica Yasmin Shariff Paul Sharrock Lisa Shell Alan Shingler Jane Simpson Dale Sinclair Kevin Singh Sumita Sinha James Soane Ian Standen Dave Stanford Dawson Stelfox Peter Stewart George Stowell Meryl Townley Simon Trew Morley von Sternberg Pierre Wassenaar Francesca Weal Sam Webb Warren Whyte Sarah Wigglesworth Chris Wilderspin Lawrie Winter Simon Winter Roger Zogolovitch

Non-member supporters

Stephen Bardsley | ARB
Nicky Bryden | Clearplan Project Management
Caroline Cole | Colander
Nick Cook | RIAS
Clare Devine | Director of Architecture and the built environment Design Council
Stephen Greenberg | Director Metaphor
Suzanne McCarthy | ex RIBA Trust Board
Carolyn Larkin | Caro Communications
Lucy Mori | 4architects
Tom Makokha | FRICS
Peter Murray | NLA
Ian Pritchard | Secretary General Architects Council of Europe
Alex Scott Whitby | Studio AR
Catrina Stewart | Office S&M
Eve Waldron | Eve Waldron Design

JDA in practice

Some of our projects

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I was the first winner of the Atkins Inspire Awards 2007 Architecture category: Inspirational leader.

The Practice has received many local and national Awards from a Civic Trust Award in Newark in 1994 to UK Property Awards Best Building in 2010. The Grand Designs Award badge was for my own eco home.


14th Nominations have to be in by 1700 today.
15th Campaigning starts.
28th Winchester Hustings at 1630. Please see here for more details.
29th Newcastle Hustings from 1730 to 1930. Please see here for more details.
4th Manchester Hustings, after the Manchester Society of Architects Council. Please see here for more details.
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17th Campaign period ends. Website remains live but only personal questions can be answered offline from now on.
June 18th to July 1st Ballot papers sent out by email and post to members.
1st Expenses declaration has to be in today.
2nd Voting starts. Reminders to vote will be sent out by RIBA only.
23rd Voting closes.
25th Results notified to RIBA.
1st The successful candidate takes over today as president-elect

Portrait photo of Jane Duncan

I am the right candidate to make a real difference to our profession and I need your support.

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